The Oklahoma Kid ~ Marty Tipton Modern Day Wild West Comedian and Humorist


Howdy, Im Marty Ray Tipton, and every since I could remember most call me the Oklahoma Kid and I figured people call me that because they can remember my name either. Now I have been traveling all over the world for over 30 years and performing some really tough trick roping stunts and cracking up people every since I can remember, but Im not just a rope spinning fool, I have performed on some of Americas greatest stages with full live stage shows as a Humorist or Comedian depending on the occasion. Iv meet some of the worlds most notorious people and want to share my experience with you and so I was give this blog spot to share seem of the outrageous adventures. Now I don’t hire fancy talent agents like most city boys or web masters to make me look better than I am because I don’t need those gimmicks to earn my place to perform. I leave it up to my guest and former employers and general word of mouth of many friends I make every day on the rode. Please feel free to comment and share on this site.

My goal is to entertain and amuse who ever I come in contact with and share the adventure to those events.

Bio someone wrote                                                                                                                                                              Marty Tipton aka the Oklahoma Kid is an all-around live entertainer who is sure to make your event stand out, and his charismatic humor and lasso spinning performance is the perfect choice when it comes to keeping your guests engaged.

Always popular, this modern day western entertainer with over 25 years of experience offers something for everyone with his dynamic presentation style, demonstrating his talents as a champion trick roper and veteran comedian and humorist with a fantastic set of skills that is certain to have mass appeal. Tipton is a professional performer committed to making every occasion a memorable experience by researching his audience prior to the engagement allowing him to tailor his comedy material to fit his audience, this master of ceremonies and entertainment specialist is bound to be the highlight of your celebrations.

Versatile and creative, Tipton has an extensive event hosting background, having entertained audiences around the world at all manner of occasions. Building an instant rapport with guests, he brings passion and energy to every performance, and can easily adapt to any situation, ensuring that your event is in safe hands.

He will expertly keep your audience’s focus, get your message across, and carry out his role with perfect timing, guaranteeing that the whole occasion is a success.

Bound to captivate with his witty and magnetic stage persona is renowned for his uncanny ability humor audiences while performing amazing lasso spinning stunts with ropes up to 100 feet long. As a professional entertainer, he will delight attendees at your celebrations as he flawlessly moves from one trick to the next as audiences listen and watch with amazement.

Articulate, creative, and unforgettable, this skilled presenter will make all the difference at your special occasion, and is ideal for ceremonies, gala dinners, corporate events, product launches, private parties, conferences and more, and is now available to book for events worldwide.

Live Stage Entertainer, Master of Ceremonies, Radio and TV presenter, Product Launch Compere, Event Host, Emcee, Event Compere, Celebrity Event Host, Festival Entertainer.


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