Procter & Gamble and Old Spice called SWAGGER

It was a privilege to be a project advisor on western theme product launch for Procter and Gamble  for their 2106 Old Spice promotion on a new smell called SWAGGER. I met the Old Spice advertising writers at a ranch in Granby Colorado at the C Lazy U Ranch. My job was to tell them stories of the Wild West and assist them with material for promotions. While I was there I demonstrated some rope spinning and surprisingly none of them had ever seen a trick roper before. Of all the shows Iv performed in this bunch was the furthest from being country I had ever seen. They were pretty high on themselves yet I felt sorry for them because they never cruised a dirt road or tasted mountain oysters.

This was the nicest ranches I had ever visited. Itis a 5 star resort. You could ride a horse and get a message all in the same day. One of their tradition at the ranch is running in their massive herd of herd of horse early morning as the sun comes up and the guest set around with a cup of cowboy coffee watching.

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