First Trick Roper to ever use Electric Ropers that Light Up. March 5, 2017 Marty Tipton invented the rope with lights in side it.

If you have a great act someone will try and steal it for their own use. It just the nature of the business but at least I hope to be the one remembered for the invention of the rope and the creator of the performance.



Ropes are have lights in this performance.


Ropes are on fire in this performance.

Spinning wit fire has been done before, but has never been done with light ropes.

We have developed the technology that has taken many  hoursand a lot of dollars to perfect to build trick ropes that can be spun into a Wild West Trick Roping fantasia type show. I came up with the idea a while back while working with glow in the dark ropes.


Wedding Ring Trick


Ropes are lite up!


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