Larry Mahan World Champion Cowboy International Youth Finals Rodeo Shawnee Oklahoma

Larry Mahan was glad to meet my girls today at Teners Western Store during IFYR

This week in Shawnee Oklahoma they are having the International Youth Finals Rodeo with 20,000 people coming to perform here  in Shawnee. It is one of the largest gatherings in the world for rodeo. They run 3 rodeo arenas at one time side by side were you can get all the action you will ever need. I spoke with young cowboys who come as far away as Australia to perform in Roping and Bonk Riding. I was in Vegas at the NFR this year and it was impressive but over all, the Rodeo here in Shawnee is 3 times more exciting and has more booths and things to do than in Vegas. Heck we have casinos even here. If every you want to see some tough cowboys and see a super event then the IFYR Rodeo held here in Shawnee Oklahoma should be your first stop.

We visited with Larry Mahan about his Rodeo days with my father Raymond Tipton and Marty Woods world champion bronc rider I was named after.  They give me a hard time about that one. I remember when I was a little cowboy riding bucking ponies in 1st grade before mutton busten  my father riding bareback horses and Larry performing at the rodeos. I introduced my girls to Larry and he was impressed they trick roping. He even took a photo of himself and the girls with his own camera to keep. He’s a super nice guy and one of the worlds most famous rodeo cowboys ever. As a young rodeo cowboy I looked up to Larry.

Marty Tipton, Bristel Tipton, Larry Mahan, Bella Tipton

Larry Mahan

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