Bull Fighter Some Years Back, David Vanbuskirk (green hat), myself Marty Tipton (black hat)

“Looking Back years ago David Vanbuskirk (green hat) and myself (black hat) getting ready to put on a comedy show before the Bull Riding were our real jobs were. David had a great set up and we still did it old school were we have funny car and exploding paints and even a donkey in the show. But of course our main job was keeping the bull riders safe. If some cowboy were to get hung up in their bull rope then we had to go in and jump over the neck of the bull with both arms and try and grab the tail of the bull rope and free the cowboy. Generally when this happened  one or both of us would get pretty busted up. One of the toughest jobs I ever had, I believe.” Marty Tipton


Here David is wiring an explosive on my back side on leather patch. It occasionally burn up a shirt especially since David liked to use a half cup of black gun powder and for bigger effect wrapped with a role of electrical tape for a bigger flash and I set off with a 9 volt battery. I don’t know what scared me worse the Bulls or the Explosion on seat. Iv came a long ways from Rodeo Clown to Broadway Will Rogers Follies Tick Roper to Corporate Comedian and Trick Roper. Who know s what’s next?

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